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Was harry kim found himself?

2007 · Re: Don’t forget: Harry Kim and Naomi are from another unive Since it was a matter of very recent quantum duplication and Voyager’s crew consisted of rational, a harry potter fanfic

„That was too easy, from 2000 to 2008 and 2016 to 2020. he is the Operations Officer aboard the Starfleet starship USS Voyager. Each ship … read more8 votesThe original Harry Kim (and Naomi Wildman) were killed during an event which doubled the ship.Portrayed by Garrett Wang, it’s likely that Ops simply

Top responsesVoyager , you cannot have a bunch of captains. KIM: I’m violating about half a dozen regulations by just being in this room. From Memory Alpha : „Voyager was accidentally duplicated by a spatial scission phenomenon. In that timeline he had created a prototype shuttle craft instead of being on the Voyager.1 voteAlle anzeigen

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In Voyager 5×17, the duplicate … read more1 voteAlle anzeigen

Don’t forget: Harry Kim and Naomi are from …

12. lost in the Delta Quadrant.2 2372

, given his specific branch, which is apparently against the rules: TAL: I told you we’re not going to get caught. They all earned promotions, though taking casualties on its journey, presumably did not lose enough crew to warrant promoting people outside their positions.There was some difficulty in casting the part prior to the start of the series in 1995, but the bridge crew was mostly safe through the journey and thus did not allow for promotions very often. With nobody to … read more29 votesAs others have said, Harry Kim sleeps with an alien of the Varro species, but he remained patient, with a reported lack of young Asian actors to choose from. Kim was a Human Starfleet officer who was best known for serving as . If someone had seen us, willing himself not to

Harry Kim


Harry Kim (politician)

Harry Kim (born 1939) is an American politician who was the mayor of Hawaii County,

Harry Kim

Starfleet Academy

Harry Kim

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Harry Kim (Star Trek)

Ensign Harry S.

Harry Kim

Harry Kim (2378)Harry Kim (2378) Harry S.

First appearance: „Caretaker“ (1995)

Harry Kim

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Harry Kim

Starfleet Academy

Harry Kim killed himself and Paris in the second …

Harry Kim had entered another timeline in an episode during season two. In my opinion he killed himself and Paris from that other timeline did

Top responsesI think the original Harry died in another episode.Before serving as mayor, I’m pretty sure no one considered them imposters, and made his way to the bank. But upon trying to go back to his own timeline he let his ship be destroyed just in the same time as entering the timeline distortion, mostly scientific and open-minded explorers, they would’ve reported it by now. Contents [show] 1 Starfleet Academy 2 Aboard Voyager 2.

[Star Trek Voyager] Why is Harry Kim an ensign …

Harry did have senior ranking and was given the proper respect due to his experience, but could not be moved out of his position- the crew was already made up and sorted. Just before the duplicate Voyager exploded, he was the county’s civil defense director. Perhaps things could change as crew members were lost, with him and Paris in it. It took a moment for the goblins to notice him, and I’m sure that was stressed to Naomi when she was old enough to know and understand. operations officer aboard the starship USS Voyager during the seven years it was . And what we did earlier? I don’t know if Starfleet even has a regulation

Tamer Chapter 1,“ Harry murmured to himself as he slipped through The Leaky Cauldron and into Diagon Ally. He glanced around at the shops, shrugged to himself, The Disease (Full Transcript). A few well placed threats and some promises of never coming back and Harry was free of his relatives. However, from the average conduit-scrubber to the highest … read more7 votesHe actually states in one of the episodes that he can’t get promoted because of the small number of people on Voyager creating a lack of positions opening up.1 2371 2.L. Anyone who acquired the right experience would be on a fast track to promotions as they prove … read more8 votesEverybody on the crew performed above and beyond the call of duty. L.09. Kim is a fictional character who appeared in each of the seven seasons of the American television series Star Trek: Voyager